How can Lighthouse help you?

Lighthouse Project's mission is to protect the rights of the falsely accused. We help both falsely accused individuals, as well as lawyers working to defend individuals against false accusations.

  • Help for the falsely accused


    For falsely accused individuals: The volunteers of Lighthouse Project are not lawyers, and our service does not replace your lawyer.


    stressed out man leaning on paperwork If you are accused, you will still need a lawyer. Your attorney has experience in the courtroom, but before seeing your evidence, he does not know the details of your case. Speaking to a lawyer for the first time, a falsely accused person is often in a distressed state. This makes organization of the exculpatory facts of a case difficult.


    Due to the stress an accused person is under important details can be missed. Lawyers often get a disjointed and emotionally coloured version of events.


    Additionally, in cases of false accusation - the story against you is often told to police or media in fragments and out of order. Lighthouse works with you to help assemble your evidence into a concise, factual and organized format that your lawyer needs to win their case. It starts by you contacting us.

  • Help for lawyers


    Your lawyer wants to win your case, but you are not his or her only client. Based on experience and a client's budget, an attorney may not have the resources to research and assemble their client's evidence.


    Also, layers are not therapists. But they often have to act as a therapist, and a dumping ground for a emotional venting from clients, before getting into the facts of a case.


    The stress of an accusation can make it difficult for the accused to assemble their evidence in an organized format. This is hard on clients and lawyers and can increases the cost of defense without increasing the lawyer's effectiveness.


    Lighthouse takes the burden of emotional venting off lawyers. We work with an accused person to separate emotions from the facts a lawyers needs. But this is what a lawyer needs to win.


    We save time, and increase the chances of an innocent person's acquittal in court. Lighthouse does not replace your lawyer. We help you to give your lawyer the tools they need to prove your case