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Men's Legal Issues Clinic

  • Next Clinic Date: 11 March 2017
  • Address:
    Vancouver Library Firehall Branch
    1455 West 10th Avenue
    Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1J8
  • Registration Required

Are you a man struggling with an unfair custody battle? Have you been falsely accused? Are you facing legal biases as a male?

Vancouver Men's Legal Issues Clinic is a pilot project for connecting men with resources and peer support in the Vancouver area that are facing biases in the legal system.

Please share with any men you know of who need help with a legal issue. Please give us a 48 HOUR cancellation notice – many men have expressed interest in attending and have not shown up.

SPECIAL NOTE: All information, suggestions and ideas are NOT to be considered “legal advice” and content discussed is solely for the purposes of information.

Hosted by C.A.F.E. Vancouver and the Lighthouse Project