Lighthouse Project
Help for the falsely accused

How can Lighthouse
help you?

  1. judge in court

    Help prepare you for trial

    The Lighthouse Project assists falsely accused individuals to build their case, and helps them communicate more effectively with their lawyers.

  2. save money on legal expenses

    Reduce your cost of defence

    Most people do not have the resources to pay for research and investigation into the facts of an accusation. We provide this for the falsely accused for free.

  3. stressed out man

    Increase your chance of acquittal

    The distress felt by an accused person can make it difficult to organize their evidence for their lawyer. Lighthouse provides this service for the falsely accused - making their defence more effective.

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    Men's Legal Issues Forum #2

    11 March 2017

    The CAFE Vancouver Legal Forum is a pilot project for connecting men with resources and peer support in the Vancouver area that are facing biases in the legal system.

    Registration link will be posted soon

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    CAFE Vancouver Legal Forum #1

    Saturday, February 18 at 2 PM - 4 PM

    Hosted by Phil Johnston of West Coast C.A.F.E. The Feb 18 men's legal issued forum was the first of a monthly series of legal issues clinics put on by CAFE and the Lighthouse Project where men experienced in the family court system, select legal professionals and Lighthouse Volunteers meet to help men facing legal issues related to false accusations and family law.

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